Attilio Speciani at TEDMEDLiveBologna


Attilio Speciani at TEDMEDLiveBologna

Inflammation, evolution, conditions. The key to well-being.

For the last 50 years scientists and doctors looked into inflammation only with ESR and CRP. Today, thank to the new understanding of the evolutionary meaning of the inflammatory message received by the organism, we understand that every citokine or inflammatory substance produced into the body contributes to building up the heating of a sort of “pressure cooker”.

The whistling valves are often the symptoms of a high pressure inside the “cooker” and in order to treat conditions and diseases everyone should control the symptom and reduce the heating or the flame of it.

Every few weeks researchers and doctors find out new citokines and now we know for sure that nutrition can fight inflammation and the different inflammatory biomarkers.

New vegetal components (Perilla oil, Inositol, Blackcurrants oil) are able to fight different biomarkers for instance; then, we can define and measure the level of inflammation of the body (BAFF and PAF, sirtuin and other citokines) and we can also define a personal Food Profile (via IgG detection) suggesting a new way of nutrition to get health and well-being.

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