Milk: why it should be varied


milk-man-drinkVegetable milks are a goldmine for your health.

Consider using a variety of them instead of just one type of milk because this sets into motion a simple and effective method of alternation that will lead to a healthier diet.

As a matter of fact, people with milk hypersensitivity often believe that the absence of cow’s milk in their diets causes deficiencies.

Our readers know that when faced with a delayed allergy (intolerance), you can reintroduce that food in a progressive manner until achieving full tolerance again.

As far as milk is concerned, the alternatives are many.

Rice milk, for example, is an excellent substitute. My personal preference goes to the unsweetened kind (for example milk made from Basmati rice), because more than a few producers add sugar to obtain a homogenous taste.

Of course even soy milk (which I buy strictly without the addition of calcium) and oat milk are wonderful as well.

But let’s not forget almond milk, either. It’s made from almonds mixed with water, and that’s all. Its protein content is excellent and can help you overcome any nutritional problem.