Probiotics and milk ferments used as psychopharmacological drugs: when it is our intestine that “thinks about it”


20680768_s1Even Sigmund Freud may change his mind… the clues were in the air, we are finding out the relationship between psyche and intestinal microbiome to be more and more intense.

Previously, we described the importance of a correct gut flora balance, even able to induce (and probably to cure) some forms of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

This represents important evidence with a strong impact for the modern therapeutic medical practice around certain psychological disorders.

The question we should ask ourselves is, indeed, how much of a psychiatric pathology could be possibly correlated with the presence of an intestinal misbalance or of a potential metabolic alteration.

In other words, this means that in many cases we should support the psychiatric and pharmacological therapy with a treatment based on probiotics and prebiotics. To cure neurosis by using certain strains of “milk ferments” starts to be a feasible possibility.

In the last few years and months, we have also discovered the existence of a tight relation between gut flora balance and obesity (and loss of weight).

The reason for such phenomenon is linked to the induction of inflammatory processes – often simulated by the B-cell activating factor (BAFF) – which are able to activate (or deactivate) insulin resistance.

In the aforementioned work, intestinal flora alterations have been correlated with specific obsessive and compulsive disturbances of the psyche; in parallel, these changes are thought to be linked also to mood alterations and anxiety, as it is possible to read on the journal “Medical Hypothesis”.

Instead of considering this type of conditions only on a psycho-emotional basis, it is now becoming clearer that stress, a factor defined as one of the triggering elements for various psychiatric pathologies, also acts by reducing the intestinal flora, therefore representing one of the possible mechanisms starting the psychiatric disturbance.

Since many years, we have been flagging the importance of metabolic alterations in the induction of psycho-emotional discomfort conditions.

Depression, insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks may often derive from danger conditions, resulting from the body perception of certain food imbalances. The use of mainly sweet food represents, for example, the grounds of the first signals for such types of conditions.

Controlling inflammation through nutrition plus using certain natural substances (inositol and turmeric) may become the instruments alongside probiotics to look for a personal well-being. From today, also to look for the psyche well-being.